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Organic Black Soldier Fly Fertilizer (Frass) 800g


Insect-Derived Bio-Fertiliser, Frass for Healthy Plant Growth

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Freshly produced and all-natural, it originates from organic black soldier fly frass which contains a homogenous mixture of organic substrate, larvae castings & excrement, and other microbial nutrients.


It is a slow release fertiliser that is packed with beneficial microbes and rich in chitin to accelerate plant growth, flowering and fruiting. It activates your plants’ natural defences and creates the ideal soil conditions for growth and development. The key to a low-maintenance approach to plant care.


Why is Frass healthy and good for your soil and plants?

1. Boosts plant growth, flowering, & fruiting

2. Strengthens plants’ natural defences (Rich in Chitin)

3. Enhances water & nutrient retention

4. Suitable for all soil & plant types

5. Organic and odourless


How to Apply?

New potting soil

– Use sparingly in a ratio of 1 part frass to 10 parts soil.


Indoor plants & potted plants

– Sprinkle a thin layer around the plant & away from the stem, then water as usual.

– Re-apply every 2 weeks.


Flowers, vegetable beds, garden beds & other water-loving plants

– Sprinkle a thin layer above the root area, then water as usual.

– Re-apply weekly


* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size, and arrangement may differ from the photo.

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