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naturalGRO Super Soilless Mix – Veggies and Ornamental Plants (5L/15L)


Moisture-retentive mix for veggies, fruit, seedlings, and ornamentals. Compost-rich formula.


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Batch-blended in Singapore, our naturalGRO Veggie Mix is designed for moisture retention, chock-full of compost and ideal for growing seedlings, fruit, veggies and all plant types. Best potting soil at the best value.

  • Designed for indoor plants, vegetables & herbs
  • Great drainage yet retains sufficient moisture
  • Excellent for seed germination
  • Good aeration & prevents compaction
  • Contains high organic content



Vermiculite, Peatmoss, Cocopeat, Perlite, Zeolite, naturalGRO Organic Compost

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